Bridgeport Appraisal Utilizes Appraisal Link™ for Online Appraisal Management

October 15, 2003 - Woodinville, WA - Bridgeport Appraisal, LLC, an appraisal firm located in Woodinville, Washington, has entered into a contract with AppraisalLink™ allowing them to manage the ordering and communication process for their entire book of appraisal business.This efficient management tool will allow Bridgeport Appraisal to increase appraisal output while providing their clients with convenient online ordering and real time appraisal tracking right from their desktop.Rob Hronek, President and Chief Appraiser at Bridgeport adds

"Direct communication between the appraisal office and the mortgage loan professionals is key to the success of the loan process. The norm for the appraisal industry with regards to the appraisal process is a continual guessing game for the mortgage professional.Most of the loan officers and processors we talk to never even get confirmation back from the appraisal company that the order was received. And then throughout the typical appraisal process the mortgage client needs to make multiple phone calls to the appraisal company attempting to gain an update on the process. All of these phone calls are reactive in nature and are entirely unnecessary. With AppraisalLink our clients are confident that the order has been received, they are provided with accurate inspection and due dates, and they have real time access to the process of the individual appraisal assignment right from their desktop. With the aid of AppraisalLink we have taken the typical "reactive" mode of the appraisal process and changed it to a more "proactive" process, providing key information to the client before it becomes a problem."

AppraisalLink™ is currently running a Beta version of the site, and expects their management system to be fully operational for all Bridgeport clients by the middle to end of November, 2003.

AppraisalLink Press Release   
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