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About AppraisalLink

AppraisalLinkä was developed with the mortgage professional in mind.  This Internet based system is a powerful tool, linking the lending community to the appraisal process.

  • For the mortgage professionals, AppraisalLinkä provides an efficient platform for ordering appraisals, checking real-time status of the assignment, and communicating issues and concerns to the appraiser.  The client's personalized access to AppraisalLinkä also allows them to view and print the final appraisal report via a PDF document file.
  • For the appraiser and the appraisal company AppraisalLinkä provides efficiency for receiving on line orders and selecting appraisers for specific assignments.  The system also offers a fast and efficient means for communicating the inspection and delivery dates to the client, as well as issues and concerns that are pertinent throughout the process.

Membership to AppraisalLinkä is easy, and is free.  At this time the system is set up to accept four specific job descriptions within the mortgage loan office - Loan Officer, Loan Processor, LO Assistant and Administrator.  Under the current system all appraisal orders initiated through AppraisalLinkä will be directed to Bridgeport Appraisal, LLC.  Currently under construction at AppraisalLinkä is an "Appraisal Company" section that will allow additional appraisal companies to join the system.  We anticipate the completion of this next iteration sometime in early 2004.